Bloods v Leyton Orient 29th Nov.

Well it’s the BIG ONE tonight! by that i mean we beat the O’s so we can take the Nigella Sisters to Norwich with us to show Delia how to make real pies! After meeting my cousin in the bee hive and issuing him with his santa hat, we’re off to the game. Outside the King’s i spot a policeman with a large camera, “is that one of them hooligan cameras?” i ask, he looks at all 3 of us with flashing bobbles on and replies “no, i’m looking for 3 idiots in silly hats” just as he tells me this we come across 3 policemen in full uniform including helmets, “there you go” i say pointing at the 3 bobbies, “i’ve found them for you!” the camera-cop can’t help but laugh saying “nice one mate, there’s just no answer to that”

We get into the ground and the atmosphere is electric! we head for the stand behind the goal where the bloods are in fine voice. A few mins later and the ref blows… we’re off.. COME ON YOU BLOODS!!!  

Both sides start brightly with chances soon coming at both ends, i’ve got the game about 50-50 with Alex Brown the bloods shining light. The first 20 mins gone and Ciaran has had a couple of chances while the O’s seem to be well off target when they get in front of goal.

With about 25 on the clock Luke is brought down on the left wing, from the resulting free kick Ciaran somehow manages to out-jump the giant Orient defence to head home! The place erupts as the bloods take a very deserved 1-0 lead! The O’s had no real response for the rest of the half with just a couple of corners & wayward shots that the bloods defence took care of easily.

Amazingly just before half time the ref booked the very brilliant Alex Brown for god knows what, still we get to the break 1-0 up.

Busy day at the office for the girls in the refreshments bar, so much so that they’ve drafted in help and even opened the 2nd serving window! The Rhino ways up the situation and sends me to the other window saying “right 1 leg, the Nigella sisters are taking it in both ends tonight so you go round there & i’ll stay here and go in at the rear!” We had brought Bradley along for his pie comments and after eating his beef & onion treat he said – quote – “yeah all right that, better than the chippy anyway” praise indeed i thought.

With the 2nd half underway it seems to be all one-way with Orient pressing for the equaliser, we’re holding firm and are trying to play the passing game we was so well in the first half. The pitch is becoming more hazardous and with about 15 mins left McGleish heads onto the post, the ball bounces out and goes in off Paul to make it 1-1. Even though Orient were dominating the half, their front men couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo! The game ran out and finished 1-1 and i felt gutted for Paul but a good result for the club when you look at it.

With the game over and people heading for the exits, i notice my mate Burkey on the pitch with his radio crew interviewing players as they leave the field. We decide to shout and ball at him to put him off but this backfires on us as he comes over to tell me that we are to be interviewed and it’s going out LIVE!

At this point i would like to apologise to Chris Waddle, during the game Johnny’s brother had phoned saying he was watching the game on ESPN and Chris had been slagging the bloods off badly. Turns out he hadn’t done anything like this but there i was live on the wireless talking about his Italia 90 pen, his god-awful mullet and his stab at pop super stardom when he was on top of the pops with Glen Hoddle! Hopefully Burkey can get the recording for me so i can put it up on here. i’ll update this page towards the end of the week once we’ve sorted travel plans for the replay & work out a “winning” bet…… T1L

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One Response to Bloods v Leyton Orient 29th Nov.

  1. Tony Curran says:

    Great report.

    Clark Carlisle was very complimentary towards us on ESPN by the way.

    Next time he’s on ‘Countdown’ I’ll be rooting for him.

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