Orient, replay 7th Dec

We’re on the road again with another overnight stay on the cards! The Rhino picks me up with a meat & potato pie from the Crusty Cob in Ancoats, always a top 5 finish in the home made pie league!

Once through the M6 toll we stop for a break at Corley and bump into a few familiar faces, i nod over the Rhino’s shoulder saying “Mongs in a Jag” with a confused look on his face the big man asks “what’s that, a sequel to Snakes On A Plane?”

Back in the car and it wasn’t too long before we get into Ilford.  Not a bad looking place, a bit like Ashton only cleaner lol. We check into the flop, dump the car & we’re in the first pub for about half 5. Johnny, as ever tunes one of the locals in for info for getting to the game and back, £5.20 return from the train station over the road… SORTED!

We get to the game & there’s about 50+ bloods on the terrace all in full voice. i’ve been busy this week so this blog is late, i’m sure everyone has already read all match reports from various sources so i’ll be brief… Liam Browhill was outstanding! sending in the cross for Lewis, who’s saved shot was knocked in by Ciaran. Liam played most of the game Terry Butcher style after taking a whack on the head early on. A short video showing Liam breaking up an Orient attack, the bloods playing good possession & Forbes red card offence on Jody can be seen here By half time we’re 1-0 up, they’re down to 10 men and we’re dominating!

Pie Time! the half time fayre was expensive and limited to Steak & Kidney pies only. The packet said “Shires Famous Pies” but i’ve never had one before, to be fair it wasn’t too bad, plenty of meat in the filling and the gravy was rich. a good pastry that stood up well when the job was half done. I explain all this to the Rhino but when i asked him for his input about the pie he simply replied “it’s tidy” lol lol nuff said! However we both agreed that the Bovril was average considering it was £1.20 a cup! Although not as bad as the piss-poor Fosters at £3 a pint… anyhoo back to the game.

2nd half gets under way and we’re soon 2-0 up! Brown knocking in the rebound. we get a 3rd but it’s disallowed for off side but still…. 2-0 up, they’re down to 10 men and there’s about 20 mins left. I’ve now got my girlfriend texting me asking if i wanted her to find a hotel in Norwich for me! The very dangerous M’poku goes on yet another run and this time wins a penalty. 2-1 and the pressure’s on! The inevitable happens at the death and it’s 2-2, extra time.

With Pacey sent to the stands and the ref handing cards out all over the place we go 3-2 down as M’Poku scores. I’m sure you all know the rest by now, it’s hard to write the next 25 mins but at the end of it all The Bloods out-played them for 70+ mins, and back at the tube station most of the Orient fans we spoke to were sure they were going out and said the towel would of gone in if it had been a boxing match at the end, to quote most of them “you just didn’t deserve that scoreline lads” how very true!

But still in true Manc’ fashion we’re determined to make a night of it, most of Ilford is shut now but we fall into a bar and ask the barman “what time do you close fella?” the warming reply came back “depends if it’s busy” this is like music to Johnny’s ears as he says “don’t you worry kid, i’ll keep you busy for a while… 4 Kronenbourg for me, what do you want 1 leg?” In the next 90 mins the Rhino pulls off an 8-2 of his own by knocking back 8 pints of Kroney while holding up 2 Norwegian girls we had met! now that’s an 8-2 i can write about! lol..

I never did get their names but they seemed ok with us calling them Ole & Gunnar, we soon turned them into die-hard alcoholic bloods! they were going home the next day so we had to move fast, the idea was to get as much beer inside them as possible and then convince them that some bloke who had wandered into the pub was Wagner from the X-factor. The Rhino’s job was to get the guys autograph for Ole & Gunnar. The girls job was to take as many photos as poss while my job was to distract Wagner’s girlfriend, all this was to happen without the Wagner bloke having a clue what was going on and we was all really pissed! My job was awful, i’m trying to talk to this girl who has a very low top on and i tell her that one of her tits seems longer than the other… “i beg your pardon!!!” she shreeks at me, “well look at it” i tell her “it looks like an old sock full of sand” probably not the best thing to say as Johnny was just seconds away from getting the autograph but my comments brought an end to the mission as Pippy-long-boobie went running to the arms of her fella, who by now i think looks more like the lion from “the wizard of oz” than Wagner & i told him so, but however you look at it he has no place having a haircut like that at his time of life!

The rest of the night was a bit fuzzy for me but i switch to auto pilot and my beer monster chum normally keeps me out of harms way, but i woke up with all my teeth in tact & my underwear in fairly good condition so looks like i had a good night.

With a fat head the next morning we went for breakfast and i re-capped on a freezing cold trip to Leyton, getting beat 8-2 was not a true reflection of the game but the Rhino made an 8-2 of his own that i will remember more, the pies were “tidy” and Ilford is a lot like Ashton that’s had a strip wash. But the bloods now have a Scandinavian support as Ole & Gunnar are now blog followers and Facebook friends and want updating on the teams progress & i’m sure you will agree that these 2 new bloods are easy on the eye! The only thing left for me to do is give Billy Evans a shout, Billy kept the few remaining bloods in full voice as the Orient goals kept on coming & we amazingly met up with him on the M6 on the way back in a traffic jam! He was STILL in full voice as was his Jag full of mongs! lol lol… no bet this week due to adverse weather……. T1L

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2 Responses to Orient, replay 7th Dec

  1. Fi says:

    and what about my conga!!!!!

  2. tony1leg says:

    Yeah, the conga was great! not enough room for a bloke the size of the Rhino or a 1-legged bloke to join in though lol lol

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