Blyth v Bloods 3rd Jan.

Damm weather! A 9am pitch inspection to see if the game will be on or not keeps me & the big fella at home on Sunday night instead of tearing up Whitley Bay lol. I’m sure we would of just had a quiet few pints and kept a low profile in the town of drunken hen nights & mayhem…… YEAH RIGHT!!!

Anyhoo the game was on so at 10.30 Monday morning the Rhino fires up the Vaxhall Exocet and we’re off. The sat-nav tells us the trip will take 3 hours so as ever we sort out the things in life that need to be discussed like are England good at cricket now?, are the rumours true about Pacey being Channel 4’s next secret millionaire? and is that the end of Phil “The Power” Taylor? The Rhino then drops the bombshell… “why is there a black rectangle on a lollipop ladies sign?” this caught me off guard as i was trying to work out how much a pint was going to be with the new VAT increase, “is it to make it more noticeable?” i asked, but i then noticed he had that smug “i-know-the-answer” look on his face and said “i’ll give you till the Worcester game to give me the answer, otherwise your paying me in!”

We arrive in Blyth and instead of going paddling on the beach we went looking for a supermarket for fuel. We find Lidle, Neto & Aldi in that order non of them have a petrol station, “wow, they eat well round here don’t they!” i snobberly remark. We finally find an Asda and everyone in Blyth is there filling up before the new VAT increase.

3 O’Clock comes around and the game kicks off. The wind chill factor makes Croft Park one of the coldest places in the world!.. and we’ve been to Guiseley! The Bloods had to play on the deck as the Spartans looked like giants in defence with every cross being met by a big Blyth bonce, on 23 mins Luke Holden is brought down but gets up to deliver a great free kick into the box and for once we have Hardiker in there, it’s been given as an OG but even my poxy video link dosn’t make it clear (i dropped enough hints to santa for a new camera!) either way it’s 1-0 Bloods. It wasn’t long before it was level again though, a corner from Turnbull seen a header hit the bar & back out to Brayson to head home, Phillo’s best efforts to claw the ball out were ruled out by the linesman who give the goal. 1-1 This prompted the mad Geordies into song with one of them banging a drum bigger than himself! with 10 mins left in the half  James Vaughan picks the ball up in his own half and go’s on a great run ending in a shot that the keeper could only palm away onto the head of Macca who was only inches out, 2-1 us as we head for the pies.

WTF!! no pies!?? “what kind of an outfit is this?” i asked the grizzly bear in a t-shirt serving, he muttered some sort of a reply but i can’t understand anyone north of Whitefield so i’m not sure what he said, i ordered 2 Bovrils and left the big fella to sort the grub. He was engaged in conversation with a young girl behind the counter trying to explain to him the difference between a hot dog and a jumbo hot dog, “well it’s bigga” she squeeks “yeah i gathered that, but by how much?” smerking as he says to her “if i was to put a jumbo in your mouth could you handle it?” The Grizzly in the t-shirt took over and to be fair i’ve seen bigger lol. A few of the usual suspects from Gunchester were hovering around the lunch box and we overheard a couple saying “i see Pacey’s not here then?”… “something to do with channel 4 but it’s secret i’m told” ……..fuel on the fire me thinks.

The second half is under way and the wind chill has now frozen the end of my cig! man it’s cold! Blyth have had a rocket up the jacksie by the look of it as they have come out a different team. Pressing all over the park they have the ball in Phillos net only to see the ref call play back to give a free kick to them! Mr Sharp, the man in the middle blew just as the shot was being hit, thinking he’s got it wrong he apologises to the scorer, the Blyth captain and amazingly jogs over to the main stand and apologises to the 500+ as well!

On the hour mark, Phillo palmed a shot into the air only to see Tait head home the second for Blyth for 2-2. With their tails up and the crowd in full voice Blyth pushed on for the win, 65 on the clock and they get a dodgy penalty (ref thinking about the other incident) Brayson blasts the ball at Phillo… saved!… rebound blasted at him again…. double save!… a 3rd atempt.. Paul on the floor gathers the ball into his chest and smothers it.. a brilliant triple save!

10 mins left and Liam & Luke are working well on the left, Luke sends in a cross & with half the Blyth giant defence still up field looking for a winner, Macca nod’s home his 2nd and we go 3-2 up. With nothing left in the Blyth tank it looked like running the clock down for the 3 points but Dan Gardner had other ideas, with the very last kick of the game he took on the defence and smashed home the Bloods 4th to secure the win. a really good game and nice Bovril as well!

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