Blood Cup Games

First of all my apologies to you all for not posting for a while, the reason being i have been swamped of late with the poker league’s grand final almost upon us, plus twice last week i had very nerve-racking & anxious hours waiting for DNA results of all things!

Anyhoo, Monday seen the bloods dispatch Hyde from the Manchester cup 3-1 in a game we dominated although Hyde did have a go in patches prompting all 4 of their supporters into full voice. The most disappointing thing on the night though was the Nigella sisters telling us there wasn’t any Bovril & we was on Hollands pies only! The Rhino asked them politely if they would have any for the Ebbsfleet game and the nicer one of the 2 sisters assured him they would go shopping in the week and MAKE SURE they had some for weekend.

Thursday morning and the Sky engineer turns up at my place to repair my box & more importantly get me back on-line! So finally i can go to the i-player and get those all important DNA results on the Kyle show and confirm that Gary from Essex was indeed the father of Chloe’s baby!

Saturday, Ebbsfleet at home in the trophy & the sisters have promised Bovril and hopefully back on Peters pies. A fairly good turn out for this one and the bloods were up against it for most of the game. after 10 mins Phillo was off after a collision in the box, Diane, his mum went with him to the hospital and it turns out he has 3 fractures in his cheek bone! hope you have a speedy recovery Paul & see you back between the sticks in one of them “Gazza-masks” maybe?

With that said, what a fantastic performance from Matty Towns. Once a shirt had been found for him to put on he played outstandingly and from my point of view kept us in the trophy comp. Jody had been booked for diving in the box where everyone else in the ground seen the trip which should of resulted in a penalty, but moments later Jody was in the right place at the right time to knock in the first goal.

HT. and were in line for the hot beefy goodness only to be let down once again… “NO BOVRIL!” the rhino shreeks at me, turning back to the sisters he says “but you promised” with a rather worried look on her face the nice sister says “they didn’t have any when we went shopping” for the next couple of mins there was a sort of “Mexican stand-off” between the big fella & the bad sister and i swear somewhere i could hear a pocket watch chiming…..

I looked round and there was Eddie “chief ball boy” answering his phone & his ring tone is from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! The call was from the job centre explaining to Eddie that the position of “child catcher” is not a real job it was just a character in a Disney film years ago, but that’s not important, it broke the silence & the stand-off.

With pie in hand the 2nd half got underway and Ebbsfleet pressured for most of the half, the Bloods hung on to the 1-0 lead till the end and once again Matty was fantastic in goal. A trip back to Blyth for the next round so it looks like we will get a night out in Whitley Bay after all. (will post Solihull game tomorrow)……….. T1L

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