Solihull v Bloods 18th Jan.

On the road again! A quick trip down the M6 to the Midlands for the league game against the Moors. We set off early in case we got stuck in traffic but on the way i’m sure i saw the Nigella sisters off to the shops on their motor bike! After telling the big fella he muttered “that means we’ll have Bovril for next Monday” but we’ll see…

“Speaking of Bovril” i smugly announce, “did you know the Midlands is well know for having the best Bovril?” after looking at me with a slight frown on his face he let out a sigh and said… “your an idiot, that’s like telling me Hollands pies taste better in Burnley! and you still owe me a tenner from the lollipop lady’s sign” and i thought it was elephants that never forgot!

We was meeting up with a work mate of Johnny’s called Tim who lives in Stoke but works in Coventry, i was talking to Tim on the phone arranging where to meet up for the game and he told me he might be a bit late because he had to go to Tesco first for a fleece, hat & gloves! Did he know something we didn’t about the weather???

We get to the game in plenty of time & to be fair it is a bit cold but not as much as girl-guide-Tim expected, who arrived without a hat?

The Game kicks off and for the first 5 mins it’s a “sounding out” period from both sides until  Adam Cunnington went flying in 2-footed & the ref gave him his marching orders. On 10 mins Ciaran put us 1-0 up and it looks like it’s going to be a walk over. However from the re-start Moors equalise and even go on to take a 2-1 lead! As the first half came to an end you would think Moors would just be defending their lead but it was real end-to-end stuff!

H.T. Once again we are let down by a fast food van with no pies but behind the goal we were now heading for was a little stall with the word “snacks” over the counter so off we went… well we was going over anyway, we’re kicking that way 2nd half.

Tea, Coffee, Fizzy Pop & Chocolate Bars was all that was on offer, but there was a jar of the good stuff on a shelf behind him so we decided to introduce girl-guide-Tim to Bovril “old style”…. it was shite!

The temperature  was dropping so hot and wet anything would of done but well done to the fella in the tuck shop for givin it a bash.

The teams are back out without changes and the 2nd half is under way, Once again it’s end-to-end but we just don’t seem to have the hight to compete on set pieces, still we played some good football but that seemed to be swallowed up by Moors HUGE defence.

Everything we did seemed to be blocked out and that turned into a Moors attack, it was a great game for the crowd of just over 200 watching. We get the ball into the back of the net only for the ref to blow for a free kick & disallow it, but 5 mins from time Jody gets on the end of a cross from Luke to smash the ball home for 2-2. The game ran out with us well on top and going for the win, a few handbags & pig-tail pulling towards the end but the ref blew after 4 mins added on for a point each, a good game for the neutrals… not that there was any!

On our way back to the Rhino’s lair for a few beers and we have to once again negotiate the M6 toll road, this is ok if you have the right money in the right denomination so you can just throw it in the bucket and be on your way. Before leaving i asked Tim if he used the toll booth on his daily commute from Stoke to Coventry, turns out the guy has come up with the best game ever! He has a sticker in his windscreen that automatically opens the barrier as you approach and it seems the quickest speed you can go to open it (without clipping it on the way through) is 47mph! next part of this personal best competition is to get to the first 60mph marker in less than 5 seconds! Tim’s current best is 5.4 seconds, so good luck fella let us know when you’ve done it lol lol. I wonder how many attempts it took to find out 47mph was the perfect speed????………….. T1L

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