Bloods v Stalybridge 24th Jan.

Me & the big fella have waited a long time since the 4-0 at Bower Fold. There we was with our santa hats wanting the bloods to smack the celts off the park but it wasn’t to be so tonight…… PAY BACK TIME!!!

A good turn out of 450+ even though the weather was a bit shite (it even started snowing briefly) for this one and the game started brightly. Hobson hit the bar for the visitors while Jody had a couple of chances at the other end. An early change as Lee Roche stayed down & was stretchered off after 20 mins and Dan Gardner was on.

About 25 on the clock when Luke sent a free kick in from just outside the box, Macca was insistent that he got a faint header on it but it ended up in the back of the net for 1-0 and the goal was given as Luke’s, didn’t stop Macca trying to claim it though lol lol. About 10 mins later Bridge go level when Jennings went down in the box after a challenge from Colin Cryan, a goal for Brogan from the spot and a red card for Colin. 1-1 and we’re down to 10 men!

The huge man-mountain of a goal keeping coach in the away dugout was up & down the touch line screaming at the linesman on all 50/50 tackles, it looks like the line-o was a little intimidated by this massive Shrek/Hulk figure as he was down the refs ear after he had been barked at! Pacey did what he could to convince the split-arsed linesman otherwise but it was falling on deaf ears and he would pay the price later. As the Shr-ulk was walking past i asked the Rhino… “you wouldn’t like a smack in the eye off him would ya?” “not a problem” the big fella replied, “i’d just block his fist with your face!”

I must say BIG respect to Phillo who was back between the sticks with a face that looked like the Shr-ulk had whacked him! the piss-poor ref blows for half time and it’s 1-1.

Bovril time! and as we’re in the que i’m wondering if the sisters have managed to get some of the good stuff when the big fella pulls out 2 pre-filled plastic cups and says “if they’ve still got non, just ask for hot water for them”

This is what i like about Johnny… the man ALWAYS has a plan! So there i was waiting with my 2 cups with the Bovril already sprinkled in when the good sister winks at me and says “i’ve brought some from home but don’t tell everyone” RESULT!!!

What next???? sharing a bubble bath with either one of em and of course a really nice pie! well always say ya’ never know.

A girl from Stalybridge was behind us in the que and strangely looked nothing like a sheep! she was quite chatty and wanted to try a sip of the Rhino’s Bovril, all was going well until he said something that made her laugh and i then noticed she had teeth like a witch-doctors necklace! all sorts of shapes & colours so i stepped in and saved my beer monster pal from certain gob-rot.

2nd half is under way and Bridge are pressing, Phillo pulls off a couple of good saves and a corner goes just over the bar. with about an hour gone Jennings puts the ball into the top corner to put the visitors 2-1 up and things don’t look good for us. 5 mins later things got worse when Ciaran’s sliding challenge was deemed dangerous by the wazock ref who then shows killer a straight red and we’re down to 9!

Once again the Shr-ulk is way up the touch line venting his anger at the girly line-o and this time he’s off-loading at the bloods dugout, fans & stewards. This time the ref has a word with Pacey & Shr-ulk comes past dragging his knuckles along the floor with a “job done” look on his face. The Rhino nods at the line-o and says to me “i’m sure that’s the linesman in the news this week, out of the same dressing room anyway”

From here on it should be one way traffic but instead the visitors seem content with just passing the ball about the park only having 1 more real chance at goal… BIG MISTAKE with the remaining bloods running twice as hard Jody finally gets his chance on 88 mins. after beating 2 defenders he rounds the keeper to slot the ball home for 2-2! There’s just enough time left for the line-o to have one more bitch at the ref about Pacey who was sent to the stand for the time added on. 2-2 on the night but it’s a draw that felt like a win with 9 men and at least 2 officials against us!

I will be in Blackpool all weekend sending someone to Las Vegas in the poker league’s grand final so i won’t be at the Guiseley game but we will be at the VM game tuesday…………….. T1L

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