Bloods v Hinckley (plus catch up)

well it’s been a while but i’m back with my best typing finger!

Way back on the 1st of Feb. me & the big fella went over Ellesmere Port way for the league clash with Vauxhall Motors, yet another bitter cold night and this time the air smelt like the side of a match box!

Would this strange aroma tarnish the taste of the Bovril…….? NO! because they only had OXO! but to be fair the pies were “tidy” so not all was lost.

The game kicked off and the VM side looked quite good passing the ball about in midfield making the bloods chase shadows, we had chances though with Liam & Luke playing well together on the left. The ref blew to end the first half much to the disgust of Liam who was on the ball attacking the VM defence, showing this he blasts the ball at the scouse ref who looked quite winded when it buried into his stomach lol.. NICE!

The 2nd half got under way with subs. Macca & Cayne Hanley (making his début) now on the field and after 5 mins the 2 combined for Macca to get the only goal of the game. VM pushed hard for the rest of the game and probably deserved a point but the bloods held firm for a hard earned 3 points.

The much anticipated return to Blyth was next on the fixture list with the BIG night out in Whitley Bay featuring prominently in the Rhino’s diary! Now i was going to tell you all how ill i was & couldn’t make this game & how devastated i was but if the truth be know when i told my wonderful girlfriend of our plans she suddenly had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a lemon so i knew the trip was off.

As it turns out the game finished 2-2 with some sort of goal line clearance disputed by the Blyth fans but after watching it on youtube it’s still a bit……… well, fuzzy lol.

So back at the butchers for the replay and the away fans were still moaning about Maradona in 86 or some handball incident anyway, but the Spartans seemed to do the talking for them on the pitch. The visitors were 1-0 up after about 10 mins & things just went from bad to worse after that. The bloods just didn’t turn up on the night and when Nat was shown a red card in the 2nd half the Spartans turned up the heat and ran away with the game 4-0. Pacey was reported to have said “there will be some vacancies in the squad after tonight” in a post-match interview.

Nuneaton came to town on the Saturday boasting a “top of the league” position. Although Nunny had a couple of early chances including one that hit the post it was the bloods who took the lead when Liam Brownhill crossed for Macca to head back across goal and hit the post, Lewis Killeen pounced on the rebound and seem to score with his bollocks from inches out! So 1-0 up at half time & we’re off to see the Nigella sisters for a pie & a Bov.

As usual the nicer one was in joyful spirits but the other was in what could only be described as a “menstruating Rosemary West” type of a mood! As we get to the front of the que we was met with her squarking “bunch of ignorant Bastards this lot” trying to calm the situation i said “ooh that’s not a very nice thing to say hunny” The Rhino suddenly steps in by dragging me to safety saying “you’ve got a leg missing as it is, you can’t afford to lose any more limbs!” and thinking about it she did have that look about her!

The 2nd half is under way with the young bloods in the main stand singing “top of the league – your having a laugh” at the top of their voices, Nunny did all they could to break through but the bloods defence stood firm and the game stayed at 1-0.

A cold Monday night and i’ve opted out of a romantic Valentines meal with my girlfriend as me & the big fella are at the butchers again for the Trafford game in the Manc cup. This has to go down as the worse game of football i’ve ever seen & the less said about it the better. The only thing to look forward to was the half time pie and see if the sisters had gone the extra mile to serve up something romantically special to numb the pain & suffering of the last 45 mins.

We was greeted by our worst nightmare at the tuck shop…… NO PIES! “i can’t believe it” i said to the nice sister, “you couldn’t of nipped to Iceland and got a few bags of frozen Hollands pies today?” with a “not really that arsed” look on her face she replied “we got chips” as i looked round to see if the Rhino was just as heartbroken i was surprised to see him chuckling to himself as he leaned over the counter and whispered “this is what a pie’d-o-file looks like when he can’t get his fix” pointing his finger at me!

Back to the stand for the 2nd half, it surely can’t get any worse can it? Trafford were awful, they just had no idea at all and just seemed to bring the game to it’s knees but we went on to win 2-0 but i can’t remember it as i was quietly playing backgammon on my phone for most of the night and didn’t want to wake the Rhino.

Almost up to date… Hinckley at home and we sit in the main stand for the 1st half, OMG! the 3 old farts that sit in the “directors bit” have got to be related to the 2 old codgers from the Muppet show! I thought the idea of paying £10 to get into the ground was to “support” the team but these 3 Boer War veterans seem to think it’s the slagging-off fee. It was a poor 1st half from the bloods as they didn’t test the keeper once but is Youthanasia really such a bad thing???

We’re in the que for the tuck shop at half time when the woman in front of us turns and says “she’s on her own” as she nods towards the serving hatch, sure enough one of the Nigella’s was missing and the strange woman in the que then said “she must be out with her fella” while thinking of something clever to say the Rhino chirps in with “i think your right there love, she’s a bit like a tortoise that one” really confused by this the woman asks “what do you mean like a tortoise?” looking her square in the eye he replies “not often you see one on it’s back, but when you do they’re like that for a long time” shocked, the woman leaves and we move up one in the que…. happy days!

2nd half was much better, not only had we moved away from cobweb corner the bloods came out a different team! Within 10 mins of the re-start we got a penalty which Killer eventually scored. But only a few minutes later seen the young Strachan take the ball cleverly round Phillo to slot home the equaliser 1-1. The bloods went back in front when Dan Gardner put Killer through for his second but i missed this goal as there was some sort of incident involving one of the ball boys!

A ball had been kicked out of play and knocked a satellite dish out of plonk on one of the houses on High St. The cheeky young chap had dashed into the garden & got the ball back leaving the owner of the house rattling the main gates of the butchers demanding to speak to the chief steward! Some people eh?

Back on the pitch Phillo was giving us a display of his “clown-school” goalkeeping when he came charging out of his area, for some unknown reason, to deliver a total fresh air shot in his attempt to clear. This left the Hinckley giant of a centre forward  Gary Ricketts the simple job of side-footing home into an empty net for 2-2.With time running out and just when it was looking like a draw, Gardner once again found the perfect pass this time to Domaine Rouse who went 1-on-1 with the keeper to knock in the winner.

Off to the Gardeners for Monday club / cheap beer night to discuss the bloods new avid watcher of home games…… The nasty old git with a carving knife on High St. waiting for the next match ball to invade his garden! lol…………….. T1L

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Bloods v Stalybridge 24th Jan.

Me & the big fella have waited a long time since the 4-0 at Bower Fold. There we was with our santa hats wanting the bloods to smack the celts off the park but it wasn’t to be so tonight…… PAY BACK TIME!!!

A good turn out of 450+ even though the weather was a bit shite (it even started snowing briefly) for this one and the game started brightly. Hobson hit the bar for the visitors while Jody had a couple of chances at the other end. An early change as Lee Roche stayed down & was stretchered off after 20 mins and Dan Gardner was on.

About 25 on the clock when Luke sent a free kick in from just outside the box, Macca was insistent that he got a faint header on it but it ended up in the back of the net for 1-0 and the goal was given as Luke’s, didn’t stop Macca trying to claim it though lol lol. About 10 mins later Bridge go level when Jennings went down in the box after a challenge from Colin Cryan, a goal for Brogan from the spot and a red card for Colin. 1-1 and we’re down to 10 men!

The huge man-mountain of a goal keeping coach in the away dugout was up & down the touch line screaming at the linesman on all 50/50 tackles, it looks like the line-o was a little intimidated by this massive Shrek/Hulk figure as he was down the refs ear after he had been barked at! Pacey did what he could to convince the split-arsed linesman otherwise but it was falling on deaf ears and he would pay the price later. As the Shr-ulk was walking past i asked the Rhino… “you wouldn’t like a smack in the eye off him would ya?” “not a problem” the big fella replied, “i’d just block his fist with your face!”

I must say BIG respect to Phillo who was back between the sticks with a face that looked like the Shr-ulk had whacked him! the piss-poor ref blows for half time and it’s 1-1.

Bovril time! and as we’re in the que i’m wondering if the sisters have managed to get some of the good stuff when the big fella pulls out 2 pre-filled plastic cups and says “if they’ve still got non, just ask for hot water for them”

This is what i like about Johnny… the man ALWAYS has a plan! So there i was waiting with my 2 cups with the Bovril already sprinkled in when the good sister winks at me and says “i’ve brought some from home but don’t tell everyone” RESULT!!!

What next???? sharing a bubble bath with either one of em and of course a really nice pie! well always say ya’ never know.

A girl from Stalybridge was behind us in the que and strangely looked nothing like a sheep! she was quite chatty and wanted to try a sip of the Rhino’s Bovril, all was going well until he said something that made her laugh and i then noticed she had teeth like a witch-doctors necklace! all sorts of shapes & colours so i stepped in and saved my beer monster pal from certain gob-rot.

2nd half is under way and Bridge are pressing, Phillo pulls off a couple of good saves and a corner goes just over the bar. with about an hour gone Jennings puts the ball into the top corner to put the visitors 2-1 up and things don’t look good for us. 5 mins later things got worse when Ciaran’s sliding challenge was deemed dangerous by the wazock ref who then shows killer a straight red and we’re down to 9!

Once again the Shr-ulk is way up the touch line venting his anger at the girly line-o and this time he’s off-loading at the bloods dugout, fans & stewards. This time the ref has a word with Pacey & Shr-ulk comes past dragging his knuckles along the floor with a “job done” look on his face. The Rhino nods at the line-o and says to me “i’m sure that’s the linesman in the news this week, out of the same dressing room anyway”

From here on it should be one way traffic but instead the visitors seem content with just passing the ball about the park only having 1 more real chance at goal… BIG MISTAKE with the remaining bloods running twice as hard Jody finally gets his chance on 88 mins. after beating 2 defenders he rounds the keeper to slot the ball home for 2-2! There’s just enough time left for the line-o to have one more bitch at the ref about Pacey who was sent to the stand for the time added on. 2-2 on the night but it’s a draw that felt like a win with 9 men and at least 2 officials against us!

I will be in Blackpool all weekend sending someone to Las Vegas in the poker league’s grand final so i won’t be at the Guiseley game but we will be at the VM game tuesday…………….. T1L

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Solihull v Bloods 18th Jan.

On the road again! A quick trip down the M6 to the Midlands for the league game against the Moors. We set off early in case we got stuck in traffic but on the way i’m sure i saw the Nigella sisters off to the shops on their motor bike! After telling the big fella he muttered “that means we’ll have Bovril for next Monday” but we’ll see…

“Speaking of Bovril” i smugly announce, “did you know the Midlands is well know for having the best Bovril?” after looking at me with a slight frown on his face he let out a sigh and said… “your an idiot, that’s like telling me Hollands pies taste better in Burnley! and you still owe me a tenner from the lollipop lady’s sign” and i thought it was elephants that never forgot!

We was meeting up with a work mate of Johnny’s called Tim who lives in Stoke but works in Coventry, i was talking to Tim on the phone arranging where to meet up for the game and he told me he might be a bit late because he had to go to Tesco first for a fleece, hat & gloves! Did he know something we didn’t about the weather???

We get to the game in plenty of time & to be fair it is a bit cold but not as much as girl-guide-Tim expected, who arrived without a hat?

The Game kicks off and for the first 5 mins it’s a “sounding out” period from both sides until  Adam Cunnington went flying in 2-footed & the ref gave him his marching orders. On 10 mins Ciaran put us 1-0 up and it looks like it’s going to be a walk over. However from the re-start Moors equalise and even go on to take a 2-1 lead! As the first half came to an end you would think Moors would just be defending their lead but it was real end-to-end stuff!

H.T. Once again we are let down by a fast food van with no pies but behind the goal we were now heading for was a little stall with the word “snacks” over the counter so off we went… well we was going over anyway, we’re kicking that way 2nd half.

Tea, Coffee, Fizzy Pop & Chocolate Bars was all that was on offer, but there was a jar of the good stuff on a shelf behind him so we decided to introduce girl-guide-Tim to Bovril “old style”…. it was shite!

The temperature  was dropping so hot and wet anything would of done but well done to the fella in the tuck shop for givin it a bash.

The teams are back out without changes and the 2nd half is under way, Once again it’s end-to-end but we just don’t seem to have the hight to compete on set pieces, still we played some good football but that seemed to be swallowed up by Moors HUGE defence.

Everything we did seemed to be blocked out and that turned into a Moors attack, it was a great game for the crowd of just over 200 watching. We get the ball into the back of the net only for the ref to blow for a free kick & disallow it, but 5 mins from time Jody gets on the end of a cross from Luke to smash the ball home for 2-2. The game ran out with us well on top and going for the win, a few handbags & pig-tail pulling towards the end but the ref blew after 4 mins added on for a point each, a good game for the neutrals… not that there was any!

On our way back to the Rhino’s lair for a few beers and we have to once again negotiate the M6 toll road, this is ok if you have the right money in the right denomination so you can just throw it in the bucket and be on your way. Before leaving i asked Tim if he used the toll booth on his daily commute from Stoke to Coventry, turns out the guy has come up with the best game ever! He has a sticker in his windscreen that automatically opens the barrier as you approach and it seems the quickest speed you can go to open it (without clipping it on the way through) is 47mph! next part of this personal best competition is to get to the first 60mph marker in less than 5 seconds! Tim’s current best is 5.4 seconds, so good luck fella let us know when you’ve done it lol lol. I wonder how many attempts it took to find out 47mph was the perfect speed????………….. T1L

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Blood Cup Games

First of all my apologies to you all for not posting for a while, the reason being i have been swamped of late with the poker league’s grand final almost upon us, plus twice last week i had very nerve-racking & anxious hours waiting for DNA results of all things!

Anyhoo, Monday seen the bloods dispatch Hyde from the Manchester cup 3-1 in a game we dominated although Hyde did have a go in patches prompting all 4 of their supporters into full voice. The most disappointing thing on the night though was the Nigella sisters telling us there wasn’t any Bovril & we was on Hollands pies only! The Rhino asked them politely if they would have any for the Ebbsfleet game and the nicer one of the 2 sisters assured him they would go shopping in the week and MAKE SURE they had some for weekend.

Thursday morning and the Sky engineer turns up at my place to repair my box & more importantly get me back on-line! So finally i can go to the i-player and get those all important DNA results on the Kyle show and confirm that Gary from Essex was indeed the father of Chloe’s baby!

Saturday, Ebbsfleet at home in the trophy & the sisters have promised Bovril and hopefully back on Peters pies. A fairly good turn out for this one and the bloods were up against it for most of the game. after 10 mins Phillo was off after a collision in the box, Diane, his mum went with him to the hospital and it turns out he has 3 fractures in his cheek bone! hope you have a speedy recovery Paul & see you back between the sticks in one of them “Gazza-masks” maybe?

With that said, what a fantastic performance from Matty Towns. Once a shirt had been found for him to put on he played outstandingly and from my point of view kept us in the trophy comp. Jody had been booked for diving in the box where everyone else in the ground seen the trip which should of resulted in a penalty, but moments later Jody was in the right place at the right time to knock in the first goal.

HT. and were in line for the hot beefy goodness only to be let down once again… “NO BOVRIL!” the rhino shreeks at me, turning back to the sisters he says “but you promised” with a rather worried look on her face the nice sister says “they didn’t have any when we went shopping” for the next couple of mins there was a sort of “Mexican stand-off” between the big fella & the bad sister and i swear somewhere i could hear a pocket watch chiming…..

I looked round and there was Eddie “chief ball boy” answering his phone & his ring tone is from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! The call was from the job centre explaining to Eddie that the position of “child catcher” is not a real job it was just a character in a Disney film years ago, but that’s not important, it broke the silence & the stand-off.

With pie in hand the 2nd half got underway and Ebbsfleet pressured for most of the half, the Bloods hung on to the 1-0 lead till the end and once again Matty was fantastic in goal. A trip back to Blyth for the next round so it looks like we will get a night out in Whitley Bay after all. (will post Solihull game tomorrow)……….. T1L

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Blyth v Bloods 3rd Jan.

Damm weather! A 9am pitch inspection to see if the game will be on or not keeps me & the big fella at home on Sunday night instead of tearing up Whitley Bay lol. I’m sure we would of just had a quiet few pints and kept a low profile in the town of drunken hen nights & mayhem…… YEAH RIGHT!!!

Anyhoo the game was on so at 10.30 Monday morning the Rhino fires up the Vaxhall Exocet and we’re off. The sat-nav tells us the trip will take 3 hours so as ever we sort out the things in life that need to be discussed like are England good at cricket now?, are the rumours true about Pacey being Channel 4’s next secret millionaire? and is that the end of Phil “The Power” Taylor? The Rhino then drops the bombshell… “why is there a black rectangle on a lollipop ladies sign?” this caught me off guard as i was trying to work out how much a pint was going to be with the new VAT increase, “is it to make it more noticeable?” i asked, but i then noticed he had that smug “i-know-the-answer” look on his face and said “i’ll give you till the Worcester game to give me the answer, otherwise your paying me in!”

We arrive in Blyth and instead of going paddling on the beach we went looking for a supermarket for fuel. We find Lidle, Neto & Aldi in that order non of them have a petrol station, “wow, they eat well round here don’t they!” i snobberly remark. We finally find an Asda and everyone in Blyth is there filling up before the new VAT increase.

3 O’Clock comes around and the game kicks off. The wind chill factor makes Croft Park one of the coldest places in the world!.. and we’ve been to Guiseley! The Bloods had to play on the deck as the Spartans looked like giants in defence with every cross being met by a big Blyth bonce, on 23 mins Luke Holden is brought down but gets up to deliver a great free kick into the box and for once we have Hardiker in there, it’s been given as an OG but even my poxy video link dosn’t make it clear (i dropped enough hints to santa for a new camera!) either way it’s 1-0 Bloods. It wasn’t long before it was level again though, a corner from Turnbull seen a header hit the bar & back out to Brayson to head home, Phillo’s best efforts to claw the ball out were ruled out by the linesman who give the goal. 1-1 This prompted the mad Geordies into song with one of them banging a drum bigger than himself! with 10 mins left in the half  James Vaughan picks the ball up in his own half and go’s on a great run ending in a shot that the keeper could only palm away onto the head of Macca who was only inches out, 2-1 us as we head for the pies.

WTF!! no pies!?? “what kind of an outfit is this?” i asked the grizzly bear in a t-shirt serving, he muttered some sort of a reply but i can’t understand anyone north of Whitefield so i’m not sure what he said, i ordered 2 Bovrils and left the big fella to sort the grub. He was engaged in conversation with a young girl behind the counter trying to explain to him the difference between a hot dog and a jumbo hot dog, “well it’s bigga” she squeeks “yeah i gathered that, but by how much?” smerking as he says to her “if i was to put a jumbo in your mouth could you handle it?” The Grizzly in the t-shirt took over and to be fair i’ve seen bigger lol. A few of the usual suspects from Gunchester were hovering around the lunch box and we overheard a couple saying “i see Pacey’s not here then?”… “something to do with channel 4 but it’s secret i’m told” ……..fuel on the fire me thinks.

The second half is under way and the wind chill has now frozen the end of my cig! man it’s cold! Blyth have had a rocket up the jacksie by the look of it as they have come out a different team. Pressing all over the park they have the ball in Phillos net only to see the ref call play back to give a free kick to them! Mr Sharp, the man in the middle blew just as the shot was being hit, thinking he’s got it wrong he apologises to the scorer, the Blyth captain and amazingly jogs over to the main stand and apologises to the 500+ as well!

On the hour mark, Phillo palmed a shot into the air only to see Tait head home the second for Blyth for 2-2. With their tails up and the crowd in full voice Blyth pushed on for the win, 65 on the clock and they get a dodgy penalty (ref thinking about the other incident) Brayson blasts the ball at Phillo… saved!… rebound blasted at him again…. double save!… a 3rd atempt.. Paul on the floor gathers the ball into his chest and smothers it.. a brilliant triple save!

10 mins left and Liam & Luke are working well on the left, Luke sends in a cross & with half the Blyth giant defence still up field looking for a winner, Macca nod’s home his 2nd and we go 3-2 up. With nothing left in the Blyth tank it looked like running the clock down for the 3 points but Dan Gardner had other ideas, with the very last kick of the game he took on the defence and smashed home the Bloods 4th to secure the win. a really good game and nice Bovril as well!

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Orient, replay 7th Dec

We’re on the road again with another overnight stay on the cards! The Rhino picks me up with a meat & potato pie from the Crusty Cob in Ancoats, always a top 5 finish in the home made pie league!

Once through the M6 toll we stop for a break at Corley and bump into a few familiar faces, i nod over the Rhino’s shoulder saying “Mongs in a Jag” with a confused look on his face the big man asks “what’s that, a sequel to Snakes On A Plane?”

Back in the car and it wasn’t too long before we get into Ilford.  Not a bad looking place, a bit like Ashton only cleaner lol. We check into the flop, dump the car & we’re in the first pub for about half 5. Johnny, as ever tunes one of the locals in for info for getting to the game and back, £5.20 return from the train station over the road… SORTED!

We get to the game & there’s about 50+ bloods on the terrace all in full voice. i’ve been busy this week so this blog is late, i’m sure everyone has already read all match reports from various sources so i’ll be brief… Liam Browhill was outstanding! sending in the cross for Lewis, who’s saved shot was knocked in by Ciaran. Liam played most of the game Terry Butcher style after taking a whack on the head early on. A short video showing Liam breaking up an Orient attack, the bloods playing good possession & Forbes red card offence on Jody can be seen here By half time we’re 1-0 up, they’re down to 10 men and we’re dominating!

Pie Time! the half time fayre was expensive and limited to Steak & Kidney pies only. The packet said “Shires Famous Pies” but i’ve never had one before, to be fair it wasn’t too bad, plenty of meat in the filling and the gravy was rich. a good pastry that stood up well when the job was half done. I explain all this to the Rhino but when i asked him for his input about the pie he simply replied “it’s tidy” lol lol nuff said! However we both agreed that the Bovril was average considering it was £1.20 a cup! Although not as bad as the piss-poor Fosters at £3 a pint… anyhoo back to the game.

2nd half gets under way and we’re soon 2-0 up! Brown knocking in the rebound. we get a 3rd but it’s disallowed for off side but still…. 2-0 up, they’re down to 10 men and there’s about 20 mins left. I’ve now got my girlfriend texting me asking if i wanted her to find a hotel in Norwich for me! The very dangerous M’poku goes on yet another run and this time wins a penalty. 2-1 and the pressure’s on! The inevitable happens at the death and it’s 2-2, extra time.

With Pacey sent to the stands and the ref handing cards out all over the place we go 3-2 down as M’Poku scores. I’m sure you all know the rest by now, it’s hard to write the next 25 mins but at the end of it all The Bloods out-played them for 70+ mins, and back at the tube station most of the Orient fans we spoke to were sure they were going out and said the towel would of gone in if it had been a boxing match at the end, to quote most of them “you just didn’t deserve that scoreline lads” how very true!

But still in true Manc’ fashion we’re determined to make a night of it, most of Ilford is shut now but we fall into a bar and ask the barman “what time do you close fella?” the warming reply came back “depends if it’s busy” this is like music to Johnny’s ears as he says “don’t you worry kid, i’ll keep you busy for a while… 4 Kronenbourg for me, what do you want 1 leg?” In the next 90 mins the Rhino pulls off an 8-2 of his own by knocking back 8 pints of Kroney while holding up 2 Norwegian girls we had met! now that’s an 8-2 i can write about! lol..

I never did get their names but they seemed ok with us calling them Ole & Gunnar, we soon turned them into die-hard alcoholic bloods! they were going home the next day so we had to move fast, the idea was to get as much beer inside them as possible and then convince them that some bloke who had wandered into the pub was Wagner from the X-factor. The Rhino’s job was to get the guys autograph for Ole & Gunnar. The girls job was to take as many photos as poss while my job was to distract Wagner’s girlfriend, all this was to happen without the Wagner bloke having a clue what was going on and we was all really pissed! My job was awful, i’m trying to talk to this girl who has a very low top on and i tell her that one of her tits seems longer than the other… “i beg your pardon!!!” she shreeks at me, “well look at it” i tell her “it looks like an old sock full of sand” probably not the best thing to say as Johnny was just seconds away from getting the autograph but my comments brought an end to the mission as Pippy-long-boobie went running to the arms of her fella, who by now i think looks more like the lion from “the wizard of oz” than Wagner & i told him so, but however you look at it he has no place having a haircut like that at his time of life!

The rest of the night was a bit fuzzy for me but i switch to auto pilot and my beer monster chum normally keeps me out of harms way, but i woke up with all my teeth in tact & my underwear in fairly good condition so looks like i had a good night.

With a fat head the next morning we went for breakfast and i re-capped on a freezing cold trip to Leyton, getting beat 8-2 was not a true reflection of the game but the Rhino made an 8-2 of his own that i will remember more, the pies were “tidy” and Ilford is a lot like Ashton that’s had a strip wash. But the bloods now have a Scandinavian support as Ole & Gunnar are now blog followers and Facebook friends and want updating on the teams progress & i’m sure you will agree that these 2 new bloods are easy on the eye! The only thing left for me to do is give Billy Evans a shout, Billy kept the few remaining bloods in full voice as the Orient goals kept on coming & we amazingly met up with him on the M6 on the way back in a traffic jam! He was STILL in full voice as was his Jag full of mongs! lol lol… no bet this week due to adverse weather……. T1L

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Bloods v Leyton Orient 29th Nov.

Well it’s the BIG ONE tonight! by that i mean we beat the O’s so we can take the Nigella Sisters to Norwich with us to show Delia how to make real pies! After meeting my cousin in the bee hive and issuing him with his santa hat, we’re off to the game. Outside the King’s i spot a policeman with a large camera, “is that one of them hooligan cameras?” i ask, he looks at all 3 of us with flashing bobbles on and replies “no, i’m looking for 3 idiots in silly hats” just as he tells me this we come across 3 policemen in full uniform including helmets, “there you go” i say pointing at the 3 bobbies, “i’ve found them for you!” the camera-cop can’t help but laugh saying “nice one mate, there’s just no answer to that”

We get into the ground and the atmosphere is electric! we head for the stand behind the goal where the bloods are in fine voice. A few mins later and the ref blows… we’re off.. COME ON YOU BLOODS!!!  

Both sides start brightly with chances soon coming at both ends, i’ve got the game about 50-50 with Alex Brown the bloods shining light. The first 20 mins gone and Ciaran has had a couple of chances while the O’s seem to be well off target when they get in front of goal.

With about 25 on the clock Luke is brought down on the left wing, from the resulting free kick Ciaran somehow manages to out-jump the giant Orient defence to head home! The place erupts as the bloods take a very deserved 1-0 lead! The O’s had no real response for the rest of the half with just a couple of corners & wayward shots that the bloods defence took care of easily.

Amazingly just before half time the ref booked the very brilliant Alex Brown for god knows what, still we get to the break 1-0 up.

Busy day at the office for the girls in the refreshments bar, so much so that they’ve drafted in help and even opened the 2nd serving window! The Rhino ways up the situation and sends me to the other window saying “right 1 leg, the Nigella sisters are taking it in both ends tonight so you go round there & i’ll stay here and go in at the rear!” We had brought Bradley along for his pie comments and after eating his beef & onion treat he said – quote – “yeah all right that, better than the chippy anyway” praise indeed i thought.

With the 2nd half underway it seems to be all one-way with Orient pressing for the equaliser, we’re holding firm and are trying to play the passing game we was so well in the first half. The pitch is becoming more hazardous and with about 15 mins left McGleish heads onto the post, the ball bounces out and goes in off Paul to make it 1-1. Even though Orient were dominating the half, their front men couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo! The game ran out and finished 1-1 and i felt gutted for Paul but a good result for the club when you look at it.

With the game over and people heading for the exits, i notice my mate Burkey on the pitch with his radio crew interviewing players as they leave the field. We decide to shout and ball at him to put him off but this backfires on us as he comes over to tell me that we are to be interviewed and it’s going out LIVE!

At this point i would like to apologise to Chris Waddle, during the game Johnny’s brother had phoned saying he was watching the game on ESPN and Chris had been slagging the bloods off badly. Turns out he hadn’t done anything like this but there i was live on the wireless talking about his Italia 90 pen, his god-awful mullet and his stab at pop super stardom when he was on top of the pops with Glen Hoddle! Hopefully Burkey can get the recording for me so i can put it up on here. i’ll update this page towards the end of the week once we’ve sorted travel plans for the replay & work out a “winning” bet…… T1L

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